About PSI

The goal of Practical Shooting Instruction is to introduce people to safe gun handling and concealed carry, to introduce new shooters to concepts of defensive pistol and to the sport of competition shooting. We are located in Missoula, Montana, and our classes are held at Western Montana Fish and Game's Deer Creek Shooting Center.

Nate Martin and Scott Giesick began teaching gun safety, defensive pistol, and competition shooting classes starting in April 2011. Their defensive pistol and competition classes are based on the multiple classes they have taken from the very top Grand Master shooters in the sport, including Todd Jarrett, Max Michelle, Manny Bragg, Travis Tomasi, Mike Seeklander, and Phil Strader. Both instructors have gained quite a bit of insight into what it takes to be competitive.

There are some basic changes most shooters can make to improve their performance. Both Nate and Scott believe by sharing their experiences they can help you shoot your best.

Contact us at shootingMT@yahoo.com or call 406-207-4160 for more information.